Natural Healing System Bring you back to healthy in alternative way

       Chinese herbal medicine is part of the ancient healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). It along with acupuncture uses the body's energetic framework to balance the flow of Qi(vital energy) in the body and to maintain the body's equilibrium by focusing on all aspects of wellbeing, that is, physical, mental and emotional. Through the understanding of signs & symptoms, a doctor of TCM can analyse the root cause of your condition. Treatments are then aimed at the root cause as well as the symptoms. This approch can then lead to a more permanent promotion of good health.

         Herbal medicine originates from the different part of centain type of plants. According to the traditional chinese medicinal theory, serveral selected herbs combined together to form formula and make decoction to treat veriaty conditions. Some herbal medicine comes in tablet form, liquid form or tea form in tea bags. Some you make into warm drink.

        According to TCM theory, human body acts as a whole, every parts of the body work together, they should keep inner harmony and outer harmony. In another words, each part of the human body should function properly and affect each other. When their balance is broken, illness can occur. So specific herbs are selected to rebuild the balance within the human body to aid recovery and bring the body back to normal.